14ft/4.3m Hypalon RIB Inflatable Boat

14ft/4.3m Hypalon RIB Inflatable Boat

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14ft/4.3m Hypalon RIB Inflatable Boat is the smallest inflatable boat you can find in our range. Anyone who want a boat for leisure boating activities can buy this boat. It can be disassembled, folded and stored for long time. It is recommended to refold the boat once in three or four months, so as to change the bend places. And, not to forget, inflate & deflate it when refolding. The storage place must be dry, at the temperatures from 0 to 125 ° Сelsius and 30-80% relative air humidity. The boat must not come in direct contact with sun rays. It is advisable to store it at least in one meter away from heating devices. To safeguard the outer surface of Rigid Inflatable Rubber Boat, keep it protected from the exposure to kerosene, oil, gasoline, alkalis and other chemically active substances.

Standard Accessories:

  • Console, seat with cushions
  • 150 liters aluminum fuel tank, Gas vent, Oil filling port
  • Bow cushions
  • Stern cushions
  • Foot pump
  • PVC rubbing straking for PVC boat, Hypalon rubbing straking for Hypalon boat
  • Repair Kits
  • PVC handles for PVC boat, Hypalon handles for Hypalon boat
  • Motor mounting plate
  • Bilge pump


Full length 430cm
Inside length 370cm
Tube diameters 48cm
Air chamber No 4
Recommend HP/Max HP 40/51HP
V shape degree 20°
Qty 20/40 Container 4/8
Full width 196cm
Inside width 136cm
Engine Shaft 20 inch
Max Person 7
Max loading 880kg
Hull weight 175kg