Rigid Rescue Boat

Rigid Rescue Boat

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Although, this motor-propelled Rescue Boat is rigid in construction, yet is quite light in weight. As the name implies, our offered boat is mainly used for rescuing lives that are entrapped in the flood or tsunami areas and also during raft marshalling tasks. With the vended boat, safe launching and recovery is not a problem anymore.

Standard accessories

  • Foot pump
  • Repair kit
  • Paddles
  • PVC handles for PVC boats,Hypalon handles for hypalon boat
  • PVC rubbing straking for PVC boat,Hypalon rubbing straking for Hypalon boat

Optional accessories

  • Mech,steering
  • FRP anchor
  • Battery with box and switch
  • Boat cover
  • Aluminum Bench seat
  • Safety valve
  • Aluminum motor pad
  • Cushion for front box


Model Full length Full Width Tube
Engine Shaft Air
chamber No
Max Passengers Max Loading Recommend /Max HP Hull weight  
HYP240 240CM 146CM 38CM 15 3 2+1 300KG 10/15HP 35KG 20/40PCS
HYP270 270CM 160CM 42CM 15 3 3 350KG 10/15HP 44KG 16/32PCS
HYP300 300CM 174CM 42CM 15 3 4 410KG 10/25HP 56KG 14/28PCS
HYP330 330CM 174CM 42CM 15 3 5 495KG 15/25HP 79KG 14/28PCS
LY360 360CM 180CM 45CM 15 3 6 580KG 30/35HP 94KG 12/24PCS
LY380 380CM 180CM 45CM 15 3 6 655KG 30/35HP 104KG 12/24PCS
LY400 400CM 180CM 45CM 15 4 6+1 700KG 40/50HP 115KG 12/24PCS
HYP420 420CM 186CM 48CM 20 4 6+1 730KG 40/50HP 200KG 8/16 PCS